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Volunteers to Attend Pipeline Safety Course


Volunteers to Attend Pipeline Safety Course
By: Patti Martin
Pike County Dispatch – Thursday, September 3, 2015

DINGMANS FERRY- Supervisors last Wednesday approved the attendance of three volunteers for the annual pipeline safety course. 

 The 6 ½ hour course, to be held at Genetti Manor in Dickson City, will cover first responder information pertaining to pipelines in the area.

Charley Kroener, Ed Hammond, and Mike Kolenet will all be in attendance.

                 The course is timely, following a fire at the Milford Compressor Station on Aug. 10.  Delaware Township can provide assistance to surrounding townships, including Milford, when necessary.

                 The course, which is being held on Sept. 2, will cover pipeline purpose and reliability, safety initiatives of pipeline companies, product hazards and characteristics, leak recognition, emergency response, and defining “high consequence areas.”

                 Course sponsors are Buckeye Partners LC, Columbia Gas Transmission, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, and UGI Utilities.

 Shooting Range Update

                 Also in Delaware Township, the Roy Hull Shooting Range is moving forward with a public hearing set for 6:15pm Wednesday, Sept. 9.  The range will be for target practice, and will replace the car wash on Route 739 across from Failte.

 Akenac Park

                 Improvements at Akenac Park will continue with an Eagle Scout project from Cody Dailey.  Dailey intends to repair the trail behind the maintenance building.

                 He will also install three workout areas.  They will be 16” x 8”.  He intends to fill the areas with pea gravel, and move the current workout equipment to these areas.

                 Supervisors also approved and announced several events for the park.  On Sept. 9, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs Pike County will hold a barbeque.

                 The Harvest Fest is scheduled for Sept. 26, from 11 am to 3 pm, and the “Trunk or Treat” will be Saturday, Oct. 24 from 11 am to 3 pm.  The Haunted House will also be the 24th, from 3 pm to 7pm 11 am to 3pm.

                 The next Delaware Township meeting will be at 6 pm Sept 12 9, at the township building.


2016 Pike County Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Public Meeting

2016 Pike County Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Public Meeting

A public informational meeting will be held on August 12, 2015 at 10:00am at the Pike County Fire Training Center located at 135 Pike County Blvd. Lords Valley, PA 18428. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information on a POTENTIAL Gypsy Moth Suppression Program in Pike County for 2016. Representatives from DCNR and Pike County will be on hand to explain the steps Pike County residents and Community Associations need to take in order to be considered for inclusion in a 2016 gypsy moth program should there be one.

This is a state program, run by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) with cooperation from Pike County. STATE and FEDERAL funding for a 2016 gypsy moth spray program has not yet been announced. Pike County’s program IS CONTINGENT on receiving this funding for the program.

The public meeting will provide information on the application process in order to be considered for gypsy moth spraying in 2016. Application deadline is SEPTEMBER 1, 2015. Application forms and more information can be obtained on the County website or or by calling 570-226-8220 or at the following locations: PIKE COUNTY GYPSY MOTH PROGRAM, 556 Route 402, Blooming Grove, PA 18428 or County Administration Building, 506 Broad Street, Milford.

Please note: Submitting an application and fee only allows your property to be evaluated for the program. It does not guarantee that the property will be included in the program. Properties will be evaluated in Fall 2015 and landowners will then be billed for a portion of the costs for spraying. Costs have not yet been determined. Costs will be based on the total acres included in the spray program AND the STATE and FEDERAL funds allocated for the 2016 program.

Building Plan Released For New Supermarket


Building Plan Released For New Supermarket
By: Patti Martin
Pike County Dispatch – Thursday, July 16, 2015


DINGMANS FERRY-Township supervisors announced that they have received a building plan for the large supermarket on Route 739, between Pie’s On and Bayada. near Wells Fargo. 

The plan also includes space for gas pumps between the supermarket and the smaller stores.  The gas station will be a part of the supermarket.

The shopping center will be large enough to require a traffic light on Route 739.  The owner of the supermarket remains a secret.  The plans are now available at the township building for anyone who wishes to view them.

Supervisors also discussed several possible upgrades to Akenac Park, including water system upgrades, a caretaker, streetlights, and raising the hall rental fee.

The water system upgrades are under way, since the park needs to be “more consistent with DEP requirements,” according to Supervisor Tom Ryan.  The project is now in the final stages.  The park is also in need of a lighting upgrade.  Ryan noted that when it gets dark, “it really gets dark.”  This could be a safety hazard for several reasons including people getting lost, or attacked.  The streetlights would resolve this problem.

Supervisors also discussed having a caretaker at Akenac Park.  The position would include on-site housing, and allow for round-the-clock maintenance.  Ryan stated, “it’s reached the level that we should have someone 24/7, or at least in the evening.”  Supervisors agreed to take further discussion on the matter at the next meeting.

Because of these, and other upgrades, supervisors discussed raising the hall rental fee.  Township Treasurer Administrator Krista Predmore stated, “the hall is in demand at this point.  Once the kitchen is finished, demand will increase.  We’re putting a lot of money into it.”  Supervisors decided to not set a new rate for the moment.

The park also found a new use, when Shawn Boles, from Eastern Pike Soccer Club, requested space to use as a soccer field.  Boles stated they have 400-500 kids in the program each year, and it’s getting more difficult to find space to play.  Boles added, “We’ll put the goals in.  We’ll give back if you can help us.

Ryan responded, “The best thing we can do for kids is give them something they can really do.”  He also noted that they already have baseball, softball, and football practicing there, so there would be plenty of room for a soccer field in Akenac.

The next Delaware Township meeting will be July 22, at 6pm, at the township building.             


Officials Approve $56,700 for New Lawn Mower


Officials Approve $56,700 for New Lawn Mower
By: Patti Martin
Pike County Dispatch – Thursday, June 18, 2015

 DINGMANS FERRY- After much discussion and research. Township supervisors agreed on the purchase of a new lawn mower.

The Jacobsen Model R311T will be used to mow over 10 acres of land the township is responsible for maintaining.  It features an 11-foot area rotary, with three decks, and a turbo Kubota diesel engine.

Supervisors compared this model to a Toro and a John Deere.  Asst. Treasurer Krista Predmore noted that all three were very similar, by after testing all three, maintenance workers preferred the Jacobsen, and thought it would be lower maintenance costs in the future.

Supervisors were advised this mower would cut down the current time it takes to mow by 12 hours each week.  This could save the township money. 

Supervisor Bob Luciano agreed to the new mower on the contingency that the old one be sold.  He stated,, “I’d like to see it help with the cost.  It’s not being used.”

Supervisors then agreed to spend an additional $705 to purchase solid rubber tires for the Jacobsen.

Supervisors also approved additional spending for landscaping at Akenac Park.  They will pay $3,225 to Tree Tech for tree trimming services, and $350 to Tru-Green for vegetation control.

Additionally at the meeting, supervisors approved the use of Akenac Park to several activities.  One of interest was a ballet class.  Supervisor Tom Ryan joked, “I’ve been working on my pirouettes,” and then added on a serious note, “I think it’s good.  The woman running it seemed really excited.”

The ballet class will meet three times a week, with two hour sessions in the recreational building at Akenac Park.  All participants need to have signed waiver forms.  The supervisors were all invited to attend.

They also approved the park for a fundraiser for the Birchwood Lakes Swim Team.  On Saturday, July 25, they will hold a tricky tray and pig roast from 12-7p.m.

Also at the supervisors meeting last Wednesday night, Ryan announced that the food pantry is in great need.

He stated, “The food is down to a level that is not good.  It’s very bad actually.”  He encouraged residents to make donations of either food or money.  Any donation may be dropped off at the township building.  For more information, residents may call 570-828-7411.

The next township meeting will be June 24, at 6pm in the township building.


Improvements Move Ahead In Delaware Township


Improvements Move Ahead In Delaware Township
By: Heather Adams
Pike County Dispatch – Thursday, June 04, 2015

 DINGMANS FERRY-Several projects got the green light at the Delaware Township meeting last Wednesday, May 27.

Supervisors Tom Ryan and Jeffery Scheetz approved the ADA-compliant ramp at the Akenac Park bathhouse after a review confirmed that a berm would require additional foundation work. SPH Services, LLC was given the contract for $2,420 that includes the removal of the existing stairs.

The bathhouse interior demo and reconstruction, to be performed in-house with materials from Home Depot for $7,000.

Also at Akenac Park, Phase 2 of streetlight installation was approved for $10,166.06; phase 3 will add five more lights.  The Rec Hall’s women’s restroom will also have a partition installed for privacy at a cost of $3,870 by SPH Services LLC.

Repairs to the “chicken coop” storage-building roof were approved for Wayne J. Day in the amount of $2,900.  However, the septic proposals are on hold as the Supervisors will have the township engineer examine the septic designs to see if the size can be reduced.

First Adopt-A-Road Approved

The first section of the new adopt-a-road program in Delaware Township has been approved for the Dr. Trilby J. Tener, who adopted a section of Log & Twig Road.  The program has two official pick-up events in April and September, and the township will provide safety equipment such as vests.  Adopted roads also have a sign designating the adopter.

The program was implemented in January following concerns voiced by residents last year.   The program is open to groups, businesses, and individuals.  Qualified participants will also be able to attend the township cleanup days free of charge.

 In Other Business

Shawn McGlynn of SFM Consulting LLC was appointed Delaware Township Alternate Zoning Enforcement Officer.

The next regular Delaware Township meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on June 19 at the Township Building located at 116 Wilson Hill Toad in Dingmans Ferry.

Public workshops start at 5 p.m. before the meeting.



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