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Assessment & Taxation

Mary Lou Corbett, Tax Collector
Phone: 1-570-828-2225
Elected in 2017, term expired December 31, 2021
Elected in 2021, term expires December 31, 2025

Robin Jones, Deputy Tax Collector
Phone:  1-570-828-2347

The primary function of the Office of the Tax Collector is the preparation of tax bills on an annual basis for property owners and the collection of such. The Tax Office collects all tax money owed by Delaware Township property owners.

Mail all tax payments:  138 Edgewater Drive, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328

Note:  Tax payments cannot be accepted by Township Office Staff and should NOT be mailed to the municipal building.  The Tax Collector does not hold regular office hours at the Delaware Township Municipal Building.  Specialized collection dates and times to be held at the municipal building are printed on your tax bill.

Property Tax Millage 2022 breakdown:
Township Real Estate                   8.68 mills
Township Fire                               1.5 mills
Township Parks/Rec                     1.5 mills
Pike County                                 22.74 mills
Delaware Valley School District  113.85 mills

Payment Schedule for Township & County Taxes to the Collector:
Before 4/30/22 @ 2.00% discount
Between 5/1/22 and 6/30/22
Beginning 7/1/22 10% penalty
Pay Tax Collector before 12/31/22.  After 1/15/23, taxes are payable to Tax Claim Bureau, 506 Broad Street, Milford, PA 18337

Residents can pay their taxes online at Official Payments.

Follow these steps to pay your taxes online:

1.    Click local payments
2.     Select “Pennsylvania” as your State or Territory
3.     Select “Delaware Township Tax Collector” as your Payment Entity
4.     Select “Real Estate Property Tax” as your Payment Type
5.     Click the green “Make a Payment”  button to continue with the payment process or click “Schedule Future Payments” to access the AutoPay feature.

The next screen will require you to:

1.     Enter your Payment Amount, including any penalties or interest;
2.     Select Payment Option;
3.     Then click “Continue” to proceed with the payment process.

Your convenience fee will be charged for the use of this service and will be automatically calculated. To determine the amount of the convenience fee in advance, the Official Payments website has a fee calculator.

Pike County Assessment Office

The real property tax is the most important local tax in counties, school districts, and many municipalities. Accurate estimates of the value of real property is vital for the tax to be fair and accurate. These assessments are done by the county assessment office, and are used by all local governments and school districts when levying real property taxes. Assessors determine values for all properties in the county, update records, prepare reports, and in those counties with automated record keeping, may also prepare the tax duplicates. In addition, they prepare change notices that are sent to affected property owners and handle questions of tax exemption for properties owned and used for pure public charity.

Director of Assessment:  Gene Porterfield (CPE, GA)

Phone:      (570) 296 - 5936 ext. 1370
Hours:       M-F 8:30am to 4:30pm
Address:    506 Broad Street, Milford, PA 18337


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