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The Delaware Township Zoning Department handles all land development issues within the Township's boundaries. Individuals seeking to subdivide, develop, or build on property must comply with the approved laws governing land development in Delaware Township, and the proper applications must be submitted for the following: Subdivisions, site plans, variances, and zone changes.

ZONING HEARING BOARD - 5 member board w/ 4 year terms
Max Brinson
Steve Tarquini
Steve Demmo
Christopher Camal
Stacey Beecher, Esq. - Solicitor
Tony Waldron, Esq. -  Alt. Solicitor
Jamie Montague, Secretary


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December 22, 2022 - Joszt agenda and Ogorzalek agenda
November 10, 2022 - 4:00 pm agenda and 5:30pm agenda
September 15, 2022
June 23, 2022
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April 28, 2022 - agenda
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January 27, 2022
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Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer,  Ron Tussel
Alternate Zoning Officer, Shawn Bolles
Phone: (570) 237-6454
Office Hours:  By Appointment Only.


Zoning permits are required whenever a property owner intends to build a structure, add onto a building or structure, alter a building or structure, and/or change the use of land or buildings. So, if you’re planning on making improvements to your property, the answer to the question, “Do I need a permit?” is probably yes.

A permit is issued when the property owner, through submission of an application and supporting documentation, (such as a plot plan) demonstrates the proposed improvements are in compliance with the zoning ordinance, i.e., the proposed shed will be set-back far enough from the property boundary . Acquisition of a zoning permit prior to the start of work is a legal obligation of the property owner. Issuance of a zoning permit demonstrates the proposed improvement is lawful, and as such, obtaining a zoning permit helps to protect the value of the investment.

Most people are aware that a permit is required to build a house or garage, but sometimes it’s not so clear when contemplating projects of a smaller scope. The lists below identify some common residential improvements and whether or not a zoning permit is required.

The following projects need a zoning permit:

  • Building a deck.
  • Building a patio.
  • Constructing a pergola or trellis.
  • Building a shed, or having a prefab shed installed on your property.
  • Enclosing an existing screened-in porch.
  • Building a roof over an existing deck.
  • Starting a business at your residence.
  • Construction/installation of above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.

The following projects do not need a zoning permit:

  • Planting a garden.
  • Planting trees and landscaping (unless it involves construction of walls and/or hardscaping).
  • Constructing/installing a garden pond. Note: large ponds involving alteration of drainage patterns and storm water flow require a permit.
  • Erecting a swing set or trampoline.
  • Placement of a seasonal, child’s wading pool, provided it is less than 24” deep.
  • Replacing siding.
  • Replacing roofing.
  • finishing a basement
  • Replacing windows and doors provided the size of the openings are not changing, and the work does not involve alterations, e.g., changing a door opening into a window or a window into a door.
  • Home repairs, cosmetic improvements, and maintenance.

Keep in mind: In addition to the requirement of a zoning permit, many of the projects listed above may also require a building permit in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, and sometimes building permits may be required when a zoning permit is not, such as for changes to plumbing or electrical work.

Click here to view the Delaware Township Zoning Map