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Delaware Township’s efforts to keep its residents informed has earned the municipality the honorable title of Outstanding Communicator plus two first place awards in the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors' (PSATS) 46th Annual Citizen Communications Contest.

The Citizen Communication Contest recognizes townships that have successfully communicated programs, news, information, and activities to their residents. All entrants who take part in the Communication Contest also compete for the annual Outstanding Citizen Communication Award, which is presented at PSATS’ Annual Conference to one township that shows an exceptional commitment to keeping its residents informed. Delaware Township was the only entrant to achieve this title and win first place in multiple categories.

Delaware Township was awarded first place in the website category. Additionally, its newsletter, Living Delaware, received first place in the newsletter category.

Delaware Township’s website received the highest marks for its exceptional design, creativity, and usability. Additional acknowledgment was given to the website’s color, use of graphics and convenient navigational bar. Living Delaware, a new publication, was admired for its fusion of news, history and events in an attractive, easy to read format.

“We’ve improved our engagement with residents and simplified their process to access the information they need,” said Tom Ryan, Delaware Township’s Chair Supervisor and Treasurer. “Our decision to redesign the website was based on the needs of the community, and the need for transparency and open communication.”

Ryan’s effort to put the publics’ right-to-know at the forefront was admired earlier this year when the Township received the American Red Cross Community Partnership Award after their hands-on response and recovery during the power outages of Hurricane Sandy.

Delaware Township Administrator/Secretary, Barbara Foos, describes Tom as a man with a vision.

“Tom’s goal to establish an open relationship with residents became a reality when he took the initiative to rebuild our website,” Foos said. “Since then, we’ve been applauded for having a robust site that includes everything from meeting schedules, minutes and agendas to local news and upcoming events.”

Foos and Krista Predmore, Delaware Township Office Manager, are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Township to make sure everything runs efficiently and accurately. Predmore’s involvement with the website and newsletter is crucial, as she writes and inserts its content daily.

Living Delaware, the Township’s newsletter, is a quarterly publication providing pertinent information about Township’s happenings and events.  The newsletter is free to the public and is no cost to residents.

The website and publication was designed by the Niki Jones Agency, a public relations and marketing firm in Port Jervis, NY.  Representatives of Delaware Township met with Niki Jones Agency in 2013 to establish and maintain the municipality’s brand and visual identity.  Together they implemented a strategy that would enhance brand strength, build loyalty, and promote communication through the website and newsletter.

Delaware Township’s commitment to community will be recognized once again on April 13 at the PSATS' 92nd Annual Educational Conference in Hershey, PA, where they will be presented with the Outstanding Citizen Communication Award.

Living Delaware Township can be found online HERE or on Facebook.