Responsible Citizens for Clean Water

Responsible Citizens for Clean Water
Get Informed about Pennsylvania D.E.P's proposed policy for On-Lot sewage systems in HQ & EV Watersheds.
May 2, 2013

Mission & Purpose

The RCFCW is a group of citizens organized for the purpose of promoting responsible, practical, and scientific basis for developing land use regulation, policy and law. We are focused on informing the affected public, land and business owners about a current policy proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection related to planning on-lot sewage systems in special protection watersheds. Click here to view the special report.

What impact does this policy have on me?

Approval of this policy will lead to restrictions on your property and it will create unnecessary costs. For business and property owners it will render some pre-existing properties non-buildable. Also, due to mandatory stream and lake buffers, this will result in a loss of land use. It will impose excessive costs for the use of nitrate removal technologies

additional information:

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  2. Where are special protection waters in PA?
  3. Analysis by professionals
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  5. Pennsylvania Guide to Drinking Water (2012)

Do Something About It

Please comment to the DEP during the 60 Day Public Comment Period ending May 1, 2013. Please click on the category below for specific information and comments that may interest you.