By Wayne Witkowski

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP – Jane Neufeld and Rick Koehler were installed to full terms as members of Delaware Township Board of Supervisors and John Henderson was elected board chairman at the township’s reorganization meeting on January 2nd.

Neufeld and Koehler were elected to full terms in the Nov. General Election.

Neufeld was an interim supervisor for the second half of last year, replacing Jeff Scheetz, who retired as board member and chairman.  Henderson had served as interim chairman at that time.

Henderson will serve as township secretary and Neufeld as board vice chairperson and as township treasurer.

With no changes among salaried township employees, Krista Predmore remains as township administrator, assistant treasurer and right to know officer.

Thomas Farley remains as township solicitor and planning commission solicitor at a rate of $150 per hour and Robert Bernathy is alternate solicitor in both roles.

Township employees’ salaries will be determined during an executive session 6pm Wednesday prior to the 7pm regularly scheduled meeting.

Wayne Bank, Dime Bank and PLIGIT remain as the township depositories.  William Owens was the CPA firm last year.

Michael Kolenet is a new appointee who was named road master, replacing Charlie Kroener, who retired at the end of last year.  Kolenet was appointed head of the reconstructed township Public Works Department, a merging of Public Works with the Road Department and Maintenance.  In the past, they ran under separate directors.

George Beodeker remains the township Emergency Management Coordinator on an interim basis.  He wants to retire and the township has 90 days to find a replacement. 

Boucher & James remains the township engineer.

The Pike Dispatch, The News Eagle and Pocono Record again were appointed official township newspaper.

Bring Back Recreation Board

Henderson said he and the board have one prevailing goal:  to reconstruct the township’s recreation board.  “We had a good one at one time and it dissolved.” Henderson said.

Getting more public volunteerism is a goal Henderson and fellow board members share.

The township’s three boards made up of volunteers are filled, with seven seated on the Planning Commission and five each on the Zoning Hearing Board and Building Hearing Board.  Steve McBride will serve on the Vacancy Board, his first involvement with the township.

Henderson feels the Board of Supervisors has a good makeup “to put things in order” as its most immediate goal for this year.

“Occasionally you have disagreements but that’s a good thing,” Henderson said.  “We may disagree but we’re on the same page for moving the township forward.”

What he has seen in his two years as board member and the last six months as interim chairman is fulfillment of his campaign promises for more critical scrutiny of township spending and greater transparency of where and how taxpayers’ money is spent.  Township taxes remain the same again for this year.

Neufeld likewise has shared that goal of transparency by proposing a series of ordinances designating more specific capital reserve funds categories.  Those ordinances will be tweaked in the upcoming three months for a vote in April, and perhaps beyond that if needed.

“We put off a lot of stuff, “ Henderson said after the meeting.  “If you do things quickly, they come back to bite you.  We want to do things slowly and steadily.”  He enthusiastically praised office staff for supporting that steady progress.