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Last Cabins At Akenac To Be Razed

Last Cabins At Akenac To Be Razed
By Wayne Witkowski
Pike County Dispatch - Thursday, September 5, 2019

DINGMANS FERRY -- Months of discussion and debate at many Delaware Township Board of Supervisors meetings about the fate of eight cabins at Akenac Park will be concluded by November when the final three are razed and removed.
The board, at its regular bi-monthly meeting last week, approved the $7,500 low bid of Davidheiser Construction Services to do the demolition and removal work between Oct. 2 and 30. It will be done in conjunction with the Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Company, which will do some training exercises on the three cabins before they are taken down, much like what the fire company did with the other five before they were removed in the the fall last year. The supervisors approved the training at a previous

The work will be done after the Harvestfest held at the park on Sept. 28, so visitors will not be at risk.

The board also approved $92,3556 to low bidder H&P Construction Inc. to replace the township municipal building roof.

Meanwhile, the municipal garage roof coating project is being put on hold for a new round of bidding because there were only two bids unsealed -- one for a company that is strictly a supplier of materials for roofing and the other from KLA Roofing Construction LLC that the supervisors rejected as too high at $59,577.
"We'll see what happens with the new bids. The cost may wind up so high that we might as well spend a little more to have the municipal garage roof replaced rather than coasted," township Administrator Krista Predmore said afterward. It was a sentiment also expressed by township engineer Jon Tresslar in a communication to the township.
Tresslar also pointed out that H&P Construction is submitting an alternate bid for the municipal roof replacement to include snow guards. They are listed under two costs, one at $12,887 that wrap around the building just above the eve and the other for $5,316 that would be staggered around two rows above the eve.
"Since the roof replacement project was awarded on Aug. 18, a notice to proceed will be issued to the contractor on Aug. 30 and the substantial completion deadline is Oct. 31," Predmore said.
Also at the meeting, the board unanimously approved the township's Public Works to pave the Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps entrance to Park Road for $1,000, which will come out of the budget line item for the township ambulance service.
It also approved budget workshop dates of Sept. 18, Oct. 2 and 30 and the revised dates of Nov. 6 and 20. A final workshop on Dec. 11 is expected to end with a budget ratification vote.
The board also approved the $200 fee for township officials to participate in the annual Convention of Township Officials of Pike County that will be held 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Best Western Inn at Hunt's Landing.
It also approved the request of the Pocono Environmental Education Center to use the township quarry on Oct. 26 and 27 and Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. to noon for a college geology class. The supervisors had said at previous meetings while discussing the idea that PEEC should be advised to alert the participants to be alert to any truck traffic when leaving their cars in the parking area to go on the quarry.
Board of Supervisors Chairman John Henderson reminded the gathering that the 2019 Senior Citizens Expo will take place 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Dingmans Fire Department. State representatives Rosemary Brown and Mike Peifer again head the organizing of the event that will have many vendors on hand to speak about resources available to seniors.
Supervisors also discussed Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Myck Road Report of Findings. "It's an excellent report," said Henderson, but he pointed out that the recommendations lead to a high price tag.
Also discussed during the workshop was the Log & Twig Road bridge repairs. Supervisor Jane Neufeld said that Tresslar indicated the work was "not extremely urgent. "

Supervisors shared the feeling the work can wait until next year. "There's not a lot of repairs. It's a low budget project," Henderson said.
Supervisors said during Public Comment, when asked, that Samaritan EMS had contacted the township by email because it is
considering servicing Pike County with Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support services. The Pike Planning Commission had reported in a meeting early last week that Samaritan had contacted municipalities around the county but did not specify which ones.


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