Park Service Seeks to Close Vestigial Road

Park Service Seeks to Close Vestigial Road 
By Wayne Witkowski 

DINGMANS FERRY -- Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Superintendent Sula Jacobs visited with the Delaware Township Board of Supervisors during their bi-monthly workshop prior to the regular meeting meeting to discuss the National Park Service's wish to close Doodle Hollow Road.
The road, which is paved only a short distance at its beginning off Route 739 at a time when a shuttered post office operated there, is largely a dirt road that runs through National Park Service land on either side. The few homes that at one time were there were bought out by the NPS and abandoned.
Resident Steve McBride pointed out that, although the roadside is empty, many outdoorsmen travel it for hunting and fishing.
Supervisors were not opposed to the idea saying, "Close it and let it grown in," referring to grass and shrubbery that would grow on the road. They pointed out that other roads have been closed by the park in the area. Roads to the Zimmerman Farm recently have been closed to the public.
"People still walk down and observe nature," said Jacobs.
One idea was to put up a gate. Old Mine Road has a gate at the entrance on the New Jersey side of the National Park. "If you put up a gate, that's not the answer. It prohibits people from using it," said McBride, referring to the hunters and fishermen.
But they pointed out that there are four Jersey barriers near the road that can be positioned at the head of the road. Jacobs approved of the idea as Board of Supervisors Chairman John Henderson commented, "Problem solved."
At the workshop, Supervisor Jane Neufeld gave an overview of the American Rescue Plan funding from the federal government to municipalities in response to expenses incurred by COVID-19. "We have a one-time windfall and hopefully use it wisely," said Neufeld.
Supervisors during their brief regular meeting approved $200 funding support for the Dingmans Ferry-Delaware Township Historical Society's program, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" at the township building on Oct. 21. Jonathan Kruk, a professional storyteller regarded as the best storyteller in the Hudson Valley who has appeared on national television programs, will narrate.
Mike Moffa was appointed as assistant roadmaster at a rate of $21 per hour, effective immediately.
The board approved the request from Carbon, Monroe Pike Drug and Alcohol to use the Akenac Park recreation hall and kitchen as well as the grill, public address system and 15 tables and 30 chairs for a Sept. 18 event.
They approved the Milford Valley Quilters Club's use of the municipal hall for a program on Oct. 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Also approved was the use of Akenac Park by Long Meadow Chapel on Sept. 12 from 9 a.m. to noon for its annual baptism and picnic.
Supervisors announced that Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's planned work on Wilson Hill Road originally scheduled for July through October has been moved to the spring. Pike County Elections is looking for a judge of elections in Delaware No. 1 (Holy Trinity Church). Anyone interested can contact Nadeen Manzo, director of Pike County Elections Office at (570) 296-3427.
Supervisors will hold its first budget meeting on Sept. 22, to be followed by meetings on Oct. 13 and 27 (the latter for fire and EMS). It will advertise the budget for public scrutiny on Nov. 17 and take an approval vote on Dec. 15. The schedule was approved at the previous board meeting.
After the meeting, Dennis Lee, head of the Dingmans Ferry Theatre, said he was "absolutely encouraged" by the "Live from the Lounge" Frank Sintra tribute show held recently near the Akenac Park Maintenance Building that drew about 400 people -- nearly double the first time it was held the previous summer --and will plan future evening outdoor shows there by his group of 15 volunteers.