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Pike AAA, Delaware Hold Halloween Bash

Pike AAA, Delaware Hold Halloween Bash
Pike County Dispatch, Thursday October 25, 2012

DINGMANS FERRY – The Pike County Area Agency on Aging in conjunction with Delaware Township is pleased to announce their first annual Delaware Township Halloween Party at 11 am Tuesday, October 30th at the Delaware Township Municipal Building, 116 Wilson Hill Road, Dingmans Ferry.

There will be prizes for best costumes, along with Gary in the Morning disc jockey, our own DJ for your dancing pleasure and a special guest, “Elvis!”  Lunch will be available for non-seniors and guests for a $4.00 donation. 

Please come and join the fun!

Twp. Flags Two Illegal Businesses

Delaware Township Flags Two Illegal Businesses
By Lisa Mickles
Pike County Dispatch, Thursday October 18, 2012

DINGMANS FERRY – Delaware Township is cracking down on people who are conducting business illegally within the township.

At last Wednesday’s meeting, the supervisors reported that the zoning officer has issued a cease and desist order against a Wild Acres Community Association property owner who has been selling products through two vending machines outside their residential property.  The soda and snack machines are located at 154 Fairview Drive across from the basketball courts and playground area within the private community.

The township informed the property owner on Sept. 20 to shut down the illegal operations within 20 days since they are in violation of Ordinance 901, “No-impact home-based business,” which prohibits the sale of retail goods from outside a residential property.

The township is also investigating another undisclosed illegal business along the Route 739 corridor.

In Other Business

The board approved giving Assistant Office Administrator, Krista Predmore, an additional $3,000 annually in salary after an outstanding 90-day review period.  Chairman Tom Ryan commended her efforts and said she is the future of the township.

A new safety committee has been formed with Barbara Foos, Luis Barrios, Mike Kolonet, DTVAC Capt. Mary Lou Corbett, and a member from the Fire Company.  The supervisors are hopeful that the new committee will aid in lowering their workers compensation insurance payments.

The supervisors approved Barrios to attend the Certified Playground Safety Inspector course and exam at a cost of $450 in addition to two-night stay, meals and mileage.

The board approved advertising for members for the newly created Parks and Recreational Board.

The supervisors have paid $69,000 for the employee pension plan and have agreed to allocate $65,000 from the general funds and place it in a 1 year CD at a rate of 1% to be used for next year’s pension plan payment.

Tabled the bid for roadwork on Log and Twig Road due to additional bridge and drainage problems and will readdress after the township engineer reviews the issues.

The board canceled the workshop meeting on Oct. 17.  The new workshop meeting will be held on Saturday, Oct. 20 beginning at 8 a.m.  The supervisors will review the budget as well as discuss township health insurance revisions.

Senior citizens are invited to attend the Halloween Party at the municipal building hosted by the Pike County Area Agency on Aging on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Barrios has volunteered to DJ, special guest star Elvis will attend and Stroudsburg Radio Commentator Gary Smith will judge the costumes.

The next board of supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 24 beginning at 6 p.m. at the municipal building on Wilson Hill Road.

Delaware First Township In Pike To Require Sewage Maintenance Plan

Pike County Dispatch, August 16, 2012
By Lisa Mickles

DINGMANS FERRY — In an effort to protect the township’s drinking water and inform residents on the importance of maintaining their on-lot sewage systems, the Delaware Township Supervisors approved Pike County’s first municipal-wide On-Lot Sewage Disposal Maintenance Plan.

At a public hearing held last Wednesday, Sewage Enforcement Officer Chris Schlegel outlined the new ordinance that establishes regulations concerning the maintenance of all on-lot sewage disposal systems, requires septic pump haulers to register with the township, and allows intervention by the township when it comes to public health and safety issues relating to sewage effluent entering groundwater.

“Everyone will now have to be their own septic treatment operator,” said Schlegel.

The township had no choice in the matter since the Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), as part of its new regulations, required the plan to be in place in order for the township to get approval of its Act 537 sewage facility plan, which had not been officially updated through DEP since 1976.

“We are looking to have every septic tank inspected once every three years through a sludge judge test,” said Schlegel.

Most septic systems built within the past 20 years consist of a buried tank to capture solids and grease, and a drain field for disposal of the remaining liquid. On-lot systems, in order to function properly, are required to be pumped out regularly to avoid malfunctions and prevent untreated solids from entering the groundwater supply.

A sludge judge test is a long tube that is entered into the septic tank, which shows how much sludge is at the bottom of the tank. If the tube is more than a third full, the tank should be pumped. As a safeguard, homeowners have the option to appeal the hauler’s decision, in which case, the township will be contacted and can double-check the readings. Haulers found to be falsifying readings will no longer be certified.

The township will be divided into three separate districts. District One would consist mostly of homes north of Silver Lake Road, which are the private communities of Birchwood Lake Estates, Traces of Lattimore and Pocono Mountain Water Forest. For District Two, communities south of Silver Lake Road such as Old Marcel Lakes Estates, Pocono Mountain Lake Forest, and sections residing in Delaware Township of the Pocono Mountain Lake Estates will be included. The main section of Wild Acres, the largest private community in the township, would be in District Three.

Schlegel said there are approximately 1,200 homes in each of the districts, noting that some sections of private communities might overlap into other districts.

Once the plan is implemented, notifications will be sent out to each of the homeowners, starting with District One, with a timeline for completion (April through October), a list of acceptable haulers, and a form to be filled out and submitted to the township.

Park Moves Into High Gear This Summer

 Pike County Dispatch, August 2, 2012                                                                                                             

CORRECTION - Free concert featuring J.T. Carter & Leona will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at Delaware Township's Akenac Park

Delaware Township Announces the Launch of New Website

Delaware Township Announces The Launch of New Website 

Dingmans Ferry, PA – Thanks to Delaware Township’s new website, which officially went live on June 8th, 2012, residents and staff of the area now have streamlined, virtual access to the Township’s latest news and events.
The new website makes a variety of detailed information more accessible to the public, including offices, resources, forms, and Township news and events. Residents can find information regarding the area’s parks and recreational events, view the Township’s monthly calendar, and even access and review minutes from public department meetings. Links to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, keep residents updated regularly through smartphones as well as computers, while important forms and applications will soon be available for easy completion and submission online. The area’s quarterly newsletter, Townships Today, is also available for download.

One of the most interesting and promising aspects of the Township’s website, however, is the Local Directory page, which freely promotes all companies or individuals doing business in Delaware Township. Businesses are invited to create a login and password, update their company’s profile, and advertise their services offered in the area, with no payment required.

“We’ve waited a long time to build a proper website for the Township,” said Tom Ryan, Chairman of the Delaware Township Board. “Now everything that is available in the Township office can be accessed on our site, which will make our residents’ lives a bit easier. We’re thankful for that.”

The launch of the website, which was designed by the Niki Jones Agency of Port Jervis, NY, offers a modern design with user-friendly navigation. “I am so pleased to have launched this website,” said Niki Jones, President and CEO of the Niki Jones Agency. “Delaware Township is a beautiful gem in Pike County with a long history, and I am glad to have provided its residents a corner on the Web to call their own.”

The new website can be accessed at To register for the Local Directory, please visit the website, click on “Local Directory,” then “Business Directory,” and follow the simple instructions. For more information on Delaware Township, please contact 570-828-2347.  


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