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Dingmans Ferry Movie Trilogy Offers Trip Down Memory Lane

Dingmans Ferry Movie Trilogy Offers Trip Down Memory Lane

By:  Lisa Mickles

July 19, 2012 Pike County Dispatch

DINGMANS FERRY — A free historic movie trilogy highlighting Dingmans Ferry should bring about the memories of simpler times when fun was a community activity and helping neighbors was a common occurrence.

If you want a potent symbol of the former Dingmans Ferry before the Tocks Island project, come to Akenac Park, off Route 739 on Saturday evening at 8 p.m. for an outdoor screening of three short movies highlighting the formidable town.

The three films, directed and produced by New York Film Producer Dennis Lee of Tribute New York Productions, will last about an hour and a half, and will delight people of all ages. Two of the films have already been shown to the public at different venues but the most recent production highlights the life and times of several families who made their way each and every summer to what was once called Shepard’s Corner, located at the intersection of Route 2001 and Silver Lake Road.

Lee, who produced the remarkable film using old 16 mm footage from the 1930’s through the 1950’s, said the film took almost a year to complete after viewing more than eight hours of reel-to-reel footage that sat in a basement for more than half a century.

“The historic value of the films is priceless,” said Lee, noting how most of the buildings that made up the hamlet of Dingmans Ferry are no longer in existence after the federal government proposed back in 1950 to begin acquiring, often by condemnation, land to construct a lake and dam, which never came to fruition, now part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

The story on how the movie idea germinated is just as interesting as the film itself.

Longtime Dingmans Ferry resident Tom Witter had been searching for decades for 1950’s video footage of the community marching down Silver Lake Road at the annual Easter Parade.

After searching for decades, Witter one day broached the subject to fellow native Ted Mervine and asked him if he knew of any film that highlighted the parade that he recalled being filmed so long ago.

That is when Mervine told him… sure he did. The stacks of reels have been sitting in his basement for the past 50 years along with footage dating back to the 1930’s. You see, Mervine, was one of the projectionists back in the 1950’s along with his uncle, who took the earlier footage.

After coming across the historical find, Witter contacted Lee and asked if he could transfer 8 hours of 16 mm film to video to preserve the film. Lee said that when he first reviewed the film using an old projector, he was constantly worried that the 50-year-old bulb would burst. He knew right then and there the importance of preserving the film depicting some of the history of Dingmans Ferry... for complete story, get this week's issue.

Pocono Health System to Speak at August Delaware Twp. Workshop

July 10, 2012
William B. Cramer, Esq., Capital Campaign Chairperson for the new Dale & Frances Hughes Cancer Center and a health professional from Pocono Health System will be speaking at the next Delaware Township Public Workshop at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, at the Delaware Township Municipal Building.

Representatives from Pocono Health System will be speaking about the new Dale & Frances Hughes Cancer Center and the important impact it will have on the Pocono region.  Individuals can learn more about the new facility by visiting

Delaware Township hosts regular workshops which are open to the public and feature a speaker of interest to the community.  The Delaware Township Municipal Building is located at 116 Wilson Hill Road in Dingmans Ferry, PA.

Upcoming Events at Akenac Park on Route 739

Press Release- For Immediate Release
Upcoming Events
Akenac Park, Route 739, Delaware Township, Dingmans Ferry, PA

The Delaware Township Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce several upcoming events at beautiful Akenac Park on Route 739 in Delaware Township that will be held with no admission costs to Delaware Township and Pike County residents.

On July 14th, there will be an outdoor movie night, featuring the film, "Puss-in-Boots." This event is free to all Delaware Township and Pike County residents. The movie will begin at dusk. Bring your chairs or a blanket!

On July 21st, there will be a series of three historical films by Dennis Lee (Tribute Productions), which will beautifully depict life as it as evolved here! These films will also be held outdoors, beginning at dusk, and are free to all Delaware Township and Pike County residents. Also bring your chairs and blankets for this event.

On August 4th, from 6 to 8 p.m., Delaware Township is proud to present the musical performance of Mr. J. T. Carter, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, formerly with the Coasters and Drifters! This fun musical presentation will be outdoors, lakeside. Bring your chairs and be ready to sing along!

For more information, please contact the Township Office at 570-828-2347 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by checking our website:

Delaware Takes New Look at PMLF Repository Lots Issue

Delaware Takes New Look at PMLF Repository Lots Issue
Pike County Dispatch, July 5, 2012
By Lisa Mickles

Click here for article.

8,700 Delaware Township homeowners have to check septic tanks

Some 8,700 homeowners in Delaware Township will be required to have septic tanks checked for capacity and possibly pumped every three years under a proposed township ordinance.

"It's another government intrusion into our lives," Delaware Supervisor Tom Ryan said at a recent workshop meeting. Supervisors are not thrilled about imposing the new rule, but they must address the condition of aging septic systems in the township.

Part of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, known as Act 537, requires municipalities to have an inspection plan for on-lot systems.

The township will be mapped into three sections. Each year, homeowners in one rotating section will receive notice that they must contact a septic hauler that is licensed with the township. The septic hauler will do a "sludge judge" test. That is, a special stick that measures the fullness of the septic tank.

If the tank is at more than one third of its capacity, the homeowner must have the tank pumped.

Failure to comply could result in a $1,000 fine.

Homeowners who can show they have pumped or replaced the tank in the previous three years will be exempt for that round of testing.

A township representative will perform spot checks during some sludge judge tests to assure haulers are reading the test properly.

Septic haulers representing five local businesses attended the Delaware supervisors workshop this week to discuss the plan. Some cautioned against using the word "inspection" to describe this action. A sludge judge alone is not an inspection and many of the hauler staff are not certified inspectors. That is a different expertise than hauling and pumping.

The fear is that homeowners will believe their tank passed an inspection when other problems in the system besides fullness could exist. It could lead to liability issues down the road.

It was not clear what haulers would charge for a sludge judge test or if the cost of the test would be waived if it turns out that a pump is needed.

Supervisors are still fine tuning the details of this ordinance. Once that is done, public hearings will be held to get feedback from homeowners.


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